Nathan Lewis

My Portfolio

I’ve been taking photos since 2018, but began doing it professionally in 2021.

Here are some of my best.

Solar eclipse at 50% coverage, turning clouds into rainbows

Pathway softly lit in Atlanta, GA

A butterfly in Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA

Overlooking Domžale, Slovenia

Lamp in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Road by Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Path by Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Castle at Lake Bled, Slovenia


A small church next to Lake Bled, Slovenia

Super Blue Moon – Birmingham, AL

Super Blue Moon – Birmingham, AL

Rolling hills in Wears Valley, TN

Moon and Jupiter – Birmingham, AL

A cyclist at Grand Teton National Park

Rocks of Sedona

The Ark Encounter – Kentucky

Grand Canyon plateau

Grand Canyon at sunrise

Grand Canyon at sunrise

Grand Canyon at sunrise

Deer in the morning light – Grand Canyon

Tourism at the Grand Canyon

Bighorn Sheep on the edge of the Grand Canyon

Silhouette of Sedona

Sunset from Talladega, AL


Grand Teton National Park (how’d you guess?)

Jeep – Grand Teton National Park

Patterns of morning light – Yellowstone National Park

Rest by the falls – Yellowstone National Park

Glowing Mist – Yellowstone National Park

Mediocre lightning photo – Birmingham, AL

Moon at Dusk – Birmingham, AL

Moon – Birmingham, AL

Chaotic vines – Birmingham, AL

Blue Heron – Birmingham, AL

Blanket of sundown – Talladega, AL

Independence Day, Birmingham, AL

Wedding – Huntsville, AL

Wedding, Alabama

Wedding – Huntsville, AL

Wedding – Alabama