Learn More About the Dead Sea Scrolls

In the most recent issue of the Smithsonian Magazine, Andrew Lawler writes an article, “Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?” Discovered in 1947 these 800 plus manuscripts have been made increasingly available to Jewish and Christian scholars collaborating and now more and more to the general populace. I have listed for your personal online exposure to these manuscripts sites that I have found interesting and helpful.

Scrolls from the Dead Sea

Scrolls from the Dead Sea – Library of Congress site

USC’s West Semitic Research Project

Time Table of Discovery and Debate

The Oriental Institute – University of Chicago – a fascinating and long list of scholarly articles

Discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls – Museum Exhibit 2007 – Youtube

The Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls – PBS Article

Dr. Lawrence Schiffman (1.5 hour lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls) YouTube

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